Health Outreach Partners’ mission is to build strong, effective, and sustainable grassroots health models by partnering with local community-based organizations across the country in order to improve the quality of life of low-income, vulnerable, and underserved populations.



Our vision is a country in which all people are valued and in which equal access to quality health care is available to everyone, thus enriching our collective well-being.



HOP believes that outreach fulfills a critical need to increase access to health and social services and decrease health disparities for low-income, vulnerable, and underserved populations.

HOP believes in meeting organizations at their starting point and working within their unique context.

HOP believes that effective outreach helps organizations to meet their mission and their margin, ensuring that people-centered service delivery models respond to genuine business necessities.

HOP believes that the solutions to organizations’ most difficult challenges already exist within their local communities and that building capacity, knowledge, and strong community connections enables them to address challenges head-on.



Health Outreach Partners believes that strong, sustainable community-based organizations improve people’s health and well being and the organization’s bottom line. HOP’s training, consultation, and information services help to achieve this impact by helping community-based organizations to:

  • Improve systems and processes for conducting outreach activities
  • Improve ability to evaluate outreach activities
  • Increase capacity to determine and respond to people’s needs
  • Increase cultural competency
  • Improve organizational communication and integration
  • Improve collaboration with community partners
  • Increase capacity to help people be active partners in their own health care