Every year, Health Outreach Partners staff travel to different places around the country to provide on-site trainings to health centers, conduct regional trainings for Primary Care Associations, attend and present at conferences, and do research for our various informational resources. Here are all of the places we’ve visited in 2016.

Sacramento, CA

Indianapolis, IN

Portland, OR

Anchorage, AK

Tunica, MS

Boise, ID

Miami, FL

San Antonio, TX

Washington, DC

Helena, MT
Chicago, IL
Grand Rapids, MI
Denver, CO
Pasadena, CA

Austin, TX

Los Angeles, CA

Detroit, MI

Traverse City, MI

Oscar Gomez, CEO with Sr. Maurita, a founding board member in 1969, and Sr. Bernadette Mary, our first Operations Director.

In 2016, HOP launched a new project started by Caitlin called “Outreach Voices.”

“Outreach Voices is dedicated to elevating the voices of outreach workers from across the country. When HOP staff travel for conferences and client projects they invite outreach staff whom they meet to share their experiences. The collected stories are then disseminated through Outreach Voices. The intent is to continue demonstrating the invaluable role that outreach workers play in supporting access to care for the underserved.”

Caitlin Ruppel, Associate Project Manager

In August 2016, Oscar spent the day with two of HOP founding members: Sr. Maurita, a founding board member in 1969, and Sr. Bernadette Mary, our first Operations Director.

“It was a very special experience and opportunity to learn more about our history and the amazing work they launched nearly 50 years ago. Health Outreach Partners (HOP) is just one of many seeds of well-being and social justice that they launched. I was so pleased to share with them how their vision and work continues nearly 50 years later.”

Oscar Gomez, CEO

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