Since its inception in 2002, the Innovative Outreach Practices Report has become a hallmark of HOP’s information services to outreach programs nationwide. This report provides a platform for organizations to showcase their outreach efforts, share their ideas and best practices, as well as mentor other organizations that seek both the inspiration and practical tools required to implement strategies, programs, and activities that have proven effective in the field. Click the links below to view previous editions of the Innovative Outreach Practices Report, to browse for Innovative Outreach Practices by topic, or to submit your own Innovative Outreach Practice.


10 Years of Innovative Outreach Practices: A Collection of Outreach Strategies from the Field

Health Outreach Partners (HOP) is pleased to present 10 Years of Innovative Outreach Practices: A Collection of Outreach Strategies from the Field. HOP revisited the practices featured in its Innovative Outreach Practices Reports over the past 10 years and chose to highlight 13 exemplary outreach practices that can be adapted and replicated in other communities.

HOP developed a detailed selection process for the practices that would be included in this publication. The process included grouping previously featured innovative outreach practices into broad categories, identifying categories with eight or more similar practices, and reviewing each practice under these categories using HOP’s innovative outreach practice criteria. HOP identified 23 potential practices for inclusion and interviewed key contacts at each of the implementing organizations. HOP program staff reviewed the practices again, along with the updated information, to determine if they 1) continue to show positive outcomes, and 2) can be readily replicated in other communities. From the 23 practices initially selected for consideration, 13 met all inclusion criteria and are highlighted in this publication.


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