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Outreach Reference Manual

HOP is excited to present the Outreach Reference Manual! This manual serves as a reference to outreach programs in order to improve effectiveness and sustainability. Tackling such topics as cultural competency, health education, recruitment and retention, needs assessment, planning, and evaluation, HOP’s Outreach Reference Manual is a comprehensive and useful resource. The variety of information included is not just relevant for outreach staff, but for everyone working to improve access in the community.




Chapter 1: Understanding Farmworkers

Farm Work & Farmworkers, Farmworker Health Overview, Legal Issues Affecting Farmworkers, Cultural Sensitivity, Resources for Understanding Farmworkers

Chapter 2: Maximizing Your Resources

Getting Started with Outreach, Understanding Roles: The 7 Hats of Outreach, Being Prepared: HOP’s Magic Trunk, Identifying Existing Resources, Enlisting Volunteers, Collaboration & Technical Assistance

Chapter 3: Hiring an Outreach Team

Identifying Ideal Qualities & Skills of an Outreach Team, Job Description Basics, Advertising for Job Openings, Interviewing Outreach Staff Candidates, Staff Orientation

Chapter 4: Motivating & Retaining an Outreach Team

Supervision, Outreach Protocols, Individual Staff Work Plans, Ongoing Training & Professional Development, Motivating Staff

Chapter 5: Conducting a Farmworker Needs Assessment

Establishing Your Advisory Panel & Work Groups, Planning Your Needs Assessment, Developing Data Collection Tools, Conducting the Assessment, Using Your Findings

Chapter 6: Outreach Program Planning

Preparing for the Planning Meeting, Conducting the Planning Meeting, Writing the Plan, Keeping the Plan Active!

Chapter 7: Evaluating an Outreach Program

Planning Your Evaluation, Collecting & Analyzing Evaluation Data, Using Your Evaluation Findings

Chapter 8: Health Education Fundamentals

Getting Started with Health Education, Considering Logistics for Health Education, Using Popular Education Principles, Adult versus Child Learning, Evaluating Health Education Sessions

Chapter 9: Outreach-Centered Health Education Recipes

Quick & Easy Health Education Tools, Pesticide Exposure, Heat Stress, Diabetes & Obesity, Stress, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Family Communication About Sexuality

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