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Introduction to Safe and Healthy Children Initiative

Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) has partnered with Health Outreach Partners and the Academy for Educational Development (AED) to launch the Safe and Healthy Children Initiative, a pilot project funded by the WK Kellogg Foundation that seeks to address environmental health concerns among migrant and seasonal farmworker children.  The project will initially be launched in Michigan and Florida but offers a unique opportunity to bring awareness to Migrant and Seasonal Head Start programs and Migrant and Community Health Centers across the country.

The goals of the Initiative are as follows:

  • Address the health disparities and environmental injustices faced by children of migrant and seasonal farmworkers by implementing an education and prevention program intended to reduce exposure to chemicals and environmental hazards that can cause learning and developmental disabilities, cancer, asthma, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses.

  • Build on the knowledge, awareness, and ability of clinicians, outreach workers, and teachers to better identify environmental threats to children’s health, then employ strategies (such as providing tools and resources for parents to protect their families against environmental hazards) to reduce exposures.

  • Mobilize physicians and other health professionals to advocate for environmental policies that decrease children’s exposures to environmental pollutants and toxic chemicals.



Module 1: Let's Begin
Participants will get to know one another. They will understand the purpose, methodology, and structure of the training. They will share expectations about the training.

Module 2: Becoming a Trainer
Understand the Training-of-Trainers model. Understand the principles of adult learning in order to be able to teach effectively. Learn new skills to provide successful trainings to peers and outreach workers.

Module 3: Unique Vulnerability of Children
Learn ways children are uniquely vulnerable to environmental toxins. Understand techniques to help families learn about unique vulnerabilities. Have increased skills and comfort as a trainer.

Module 4: Prevent and Reduce Exposures
Identify routes of exposure to various chemicals. Recognize health impacts of certain environmental hazards. Understand various prevention strategies to help protect children from exposure.

Module 5: Community Support and Collaboration
Identify challenges in helping farmworker families. Identify agency resources and those of other agencies. Understand how and why to create formal agreements of collaboration.

Module 6: Conclusion and Evaluations
Share closing remarks and administer training feedback.

The Safe and Healthy Children Initiative Curriculum is currently available in English.

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